Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mars Music

We have a legacy of visual images at "Mars as Art" (2006), and even a thesis explaining more about Exoart by Australian Trevor Rodwell (2011). "Exoart is a new form of artistic expression based on a close interaction with space science and cultural engagement. There are no current art theories that encompass all aspects of Exoart; however, Exoart is not without a historical base. It can be viewed as having close conceptual links with contemporary Land Art which itself is, in part, derived from ancient land markings and interventions" (Rodwell 2011, p. 47).

"Mars Music" seems to be lagging behind the visual arts and still imaginary for many people. It could be timely for enterprising composers and electroacoustic artists to explore the tangible visual images that are now available and to use them as a resource for making music.

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